How to Use Text and Mark-Up Tools in Adobe Reader XI

by Corina Koch MacLeod

Adobe Reader XI allows you to read PDFs and engage with them in an interactive way. But that’s not all. You can also highlight text, write comments in virtual sticky notes in the margins, and use drawing tools to circle words or create text boxes and drawings. What does this mean for students and teachers? Students can complete reading and writing tasks right in an interactive PDF and teachers can respond to their work in that same PDF, all without ever having to chase paper.

If you’d like to explore some of  Adobe Reader XI’s interactive features on your own, consider working through the discovery learning activity I included in my last post.

If you prefer to watch at the elbow of an expert, have a look at this video, in which my editing colleague, Adrienne Montgomerie, demonstrates some of the text  and mark-up tools in Adobe Reader XI:



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