App Review – Kobo

Several e-reading options are available for those of you who want to tote books on your smartphones. I discussed the features of the Stanza app in an earlier post, and today I’d like to point out features of the Kobo app that are different from the Stanza app.

All e-reading apps are fairly similar in that they allow the reader to customize the reading experience. In addition to the standard features of e-reading apps, the Kobo app offers some extra features:

·          a night-reading feature (useful for reading text in the dark in a manner that will not annoy your roommate)
·          Kobo styling, which potentially improves the formatting of any book you’re reading
·          portrait or landscape reading
·          syncs across devices, bookmarking the last page you read
·          a social reading feature that allows you to share comments on social media sites, like Facebook
·          Reading Life program—complete with reading statistics—which allows you to set personal reading goals and receive positive reinforcement for goals you’ve achieved
·          allows you to save files from your computer and store them in your Kobo app for on-the-go access
·          Google and Wikipedia search options for off-book exploration
Kobo’s extra features may not appeal to every reader, and the app does take a little longer to load than other e-reading apps, but it’s a great app for those who want to engage in some interesting beyond-book experiences.
The Kobo app is available through iTunes and Google Play.

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