“I’m not tech savvy, but my students are.”

By Corina Koch MacLeod

Learning to read and write in school has largely been a paper-pencil task. That may soon change, itrends in post-secondary education are any indication. In fact, technology experts have indicated that the Web 2.0 era — characterized by web-based reading and social media — has now passed and Web 3.0 — the portable Web — is now here. While Web 2.0 certainly has had its effect on learning in the classroom, the effects of Web 3.0 has the potential to be much greater.

Photo by wasabicube licensed under CC-NC-ND 2.0

Recently, a teacher who was interested in helping students to improve their reading and writing skills contacted us for information about our OSSLT prep ebook — a literacy resource that students can access on their cellphones, smartphones and other hand-held devices. She bravely admitted,  “I’m not tech savvy; my kids are.” 

Her admission suggests that while she might not yet be comfortable with or ready for the trend toward mobile learning, she has an enormous amount of faith in her students’ abilities to navigate this paradigm change. 

How about you? Are you ready for mobile learning? Are you ready to let your students take their smartphones out of their pockets?

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