Never Read Alone: Tips for Improving Comprehension

By Corina Koch Macleod and Carla Douglas 

What do you hear inside your head when you read? What do you see? According to Cris Tovani, author of I Read It, but I Don’t Get It: Comprehension Strategies for Adolescent Readers, good readers hear voices and see pictures inside their heads when they read. Put another way, good readers never read alone. They always invite a few reading characters to help with the work of reading. Why? Because it helps them to understand and remember what they read. The following characters can help you to understand what you read, too.

Never Read Alone Chart

Missing in Action
If you are reading and you notice that one of these characters is not participating, you may not remember what you read. To prevent this from happening, go back to the section of the text where you last heard or saw that character. Begin to reread at that point — you don’t have to start at the beginning again. Make sure that that character helps you with the work of reading.

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