New Interactive OSSLT Resource from Don’t Panic

Don’t Panic 2.0: On-the-Go Practice for the OSSLT, Interactive Edition

Since 2002, teachers have relied on Don’t Panic Books to help their students navigate the OSSLT. We were there at the beginning, and we’re now pleased to offer a fully interactive resource, which offers

  • new and updated content
  • opportunities to practice reading and writing tasks similar to those on the OSSLT
  • plans for strategic reading and writing
  • thinking-about-learning activities
  • checklists for reviewing written work
  • assessment-as-learning activities
  • opportunities for socially constructed learning
  • a glossary of terms
  • links to online extras
  • … and more!

It has features that will support students with a wide range of learning abilities:

  • text highlighter and virtual sticky notes
  • text-speech option for students who need reading support
  • drawing tools to create graphic organizers to plan writing
  • spell-check for writing (activated by a right-click of the mouse)
  • marking tools, so teachers can mark and comment on students’ work
  • audio comment tool, so teachers can include oral comments with students’ work

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