OSSLT Tips – After Students Have Finished Reading

Image by holtsman (CC BY-NC 2.0)

*Be sure to read our last two posts, which provide ways to get students ready to read and to assist them while they read. Check back often for tips and handouts that support reading and writing for the OSSLT.

After students have finished reading:
·        Show them how to interpret the questions following the selection. Explain that test questions are created using a special “test language.” Be sure that students understand what the questions are asking them to do. 
·        Have them highlight key words in the questions and encourage them to look up definitions in a dictionary. If students are using an e-reader or e-reading app, they can easily look up words as they read. (See last week’s post for info about e-readers and apps.) Also, while students are searching for answers to questions, be sure that they understand how to “read between the lines.” Watch for a future post about “reading the lines, between the lines and beyond the lines.” (Gray, 1960)
·        Have students reread the selection up to four times. Research shows that rereading texts up to four times can help students recognize words more quickly and improve their reading speed, accuracy, expression, and comprehension. You can have students calculate their reading speed and track its improvement by using the instructions here.
·        Encourage students to read 15 minutes each day, to build their vocabulary and to improve their fluency and comprehension.
You may not have time to work through all of these ideas in one lesson. That’s okay. Try one idea and do it well before trying another. More isn’t always better.

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