OSSLT Tips – While Students Are Reading

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In last week’s post I outlined a few things teachers can do to help students get ready to read. The suggestions below will help you assist your students as they read.

While students read:
  • Remind them to Scan, Focus, Review, Retell and Reflect. (Refer to Teaching Reading Selections, below.) 
  • Encourage them to use a highlighter pen or to jot down key words and phrases in the margins of the text to help them remember important points. 
  • Students may also jot down questions about the text. For instance, they may ask, “What does this mean?” or “Who is talking?” or “How does this connect to ___?”
  • If students are using an ebook or ebook app to read, encourage them to use the highlight and notes features if they are available. Read up on how to use e-readers and apps in our previous posts about the Kindle Touch, the Kindle app for the iPhone and other Kindle apps, the Kobo app and the Stanza app. (As you can see, there are many digital options, and more are being developed every day.)

Try the script in the handout below to guide your students through a reading selection the first time through.

Teaching Reading Selections

Watch next week for ways to help students understand reading selections after they read.

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