Tips to Improve Reading

By Corina Koch MacLeod and Carla Douglas

Over the next several weeks, we’ll share some tips that will help you to become a more efficient and effective reader.

The OSSLT will require you to read and respond to different kinds of texts, or genres. Some of these genres may be familiar to you, while others may not. To prevent any surprises on test day, take some time to get to know the OSSLT genres now.
Challenge yourself to read one or two different genres a week, beginning now. Try reading a
  • brochure, leaflet or schedule;
  • chart or graph;
  • newspaper article;
  • magazine article;
  • a section from a textbook; or
  • a short story.

Why? This will help you to become familiar with
  • the vocabulary and sentence structure each genre uses;
  • the kinds of visual features (bulleted lists, boldface type, italic type, labels, etc.) that certain genres use; and
  • how different genres are organized.
Don’t rule out print sources while searching for different genres to read. Electronic and print texts from the same genre may sometimes follow different “rules.”

Image by Pedro Ribeiro Simões

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